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When we talk about e-bike electric bicycles we mean those pedal-assisted bicycles that, thanks to the use of an electric motor, a lithium battery and a series of sensors, reduces the physical effort of the cyclist during the pedaling phase.
This kind of bicycles are increasingly loved by those who see them as a valid alternative to mopeds and motorcycles.
The help of the electric motor helps the cyclist and allows you to reach greater speed but you must always pedal.
The advantage is that in this way you can always keep your own pace.
E-bikes are environmentally friendly thanks to their clean energy and are considered the pedal vehicle of the future with a view to increasingly sustainable mobility.

The manufacturers of e-bikes also offer different levels of electric pedaling assistance: eco, sport and turbo.
Newer bikes have portable batteries that recharge when plugged into an electrical outlet.
On average, a full charge allows you to have a range of about fifty kilometers.
Since it is possible to apply a motor and a battery anywhere, an e-bike electric bicycle can be a city bike, a MTB or a racing bike.

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