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Getting around the city is less and less easy, for this reason it is advisable to use the city bike whenever possible which, in addition to being the cheapest and most efficient means, also allows you to stay in physical shape. The city bike is equipped with every technical device to make it suitable and safe even in the middle of city traffic. Designed for both men and women, the city bike also has the undoubted advantage of not emitting any harmful gas to the environment. There are numerous models of city bikes, all strictly respectful of the environment and sustainability in general.

Men's City Bike

Going to work by bicycle is possible for the worker as for the manager: the men's city bike is an elegant and practical means to be used every day to go to work or, more simply, to carry out an errand in the city. The men's city bike has all the riding controls in an ergonomic position and allows a comfortable and light ride. The various models of city bikes available on the market meet every need and can be integrated with different accessories such as, for example, rear-view mirrors, additional flashing headlights, etc. The most advanced city bike models are also equipped with an electric motor and battery, to facilitate pedaling even uphill stretches.

The city bike for the excursion in the countryside

If you want to move out of town, the gear ratios of the city bike transform this bicycle into an ideal vehicle even for small and medium distances to be covered on less busy roads. To move easily even outside the city, the city bike or city bike can be equipped with a practical front or rear container for transporting objects or food. In full respect of the environment, the city bike takes you around with pleasure and safety, both in the city and in more open spaces.

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