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Sale of bicycle frames

The bicycle frame represents the heart of the two-wheeled vehicle. Made of different metals or alloys, the bicycle frame performs many essential functions: it keeps the various parts of the bike together, such as the wheels, the handlebars, the movement transmission organs, supports the cyclist and allows him to assume the right posture to pedal. The racing bicycle frame is also designed to give the bike itself particular aerodynamic performance.

Fixed gear bicycle frames

Unlike traditional bikes with the possibility of varying the gear ratio, the fixed-gear bicycle frame has only a single transmission spool, which is why its choice is of fundamental importance before starting a cycle of road training. In addition, the fixed-gear bicycle frame is generally simpler due to the absence of accessories for the braking system.

Road bike frames

The evolution of road bike frames has experienced an important technical development in recent years, in particular in the design and materials used. The most famous manufacturers of road bike frames have invested considerable resources to design and manufacture increasingly performing and safe road bike frames, relying above all on improved component assembly technologies, as well as mold forging.

Mountain Bike Frames

It is not easy to classify the different types of mountain bike frames precisely. The choice must be made according to the discipline, which is Enduro, Freeride, Down Hil, Cross Country and All Mountain. In Cross Country you usually use narrow frames with a suspension fork that guarantee good agility. For the All Mountain instead it is recommended to use a frame called full suspended, which makes the mountain bike manageable and easy to use even downhill.

Construction materials for bicycle frames

The most used material is steel, which represents a good compromise between strength and price, which is usually very competitive. Then there are the mountain bike frames made of aluminum alloy, which are characterized by lightness but offer little flexibility. The most sophisticated, and also the most expensive (they are used in professional mountain bikes), are those in carbon fiber and titanium, which guarantee great lightness and considerable resistance.

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