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Sale of bike handlebars

Depending on the type of bicycle, the type and shape of the handlebar varies, one of the fundamental pieces that today we find in different materials such as aluminum, steel, carbon and wood for vintage bikes.

Among the most popular models of bike handlebars we find:

  • mountain bike handlebars: formed by a straight tube or slightly raised from the sides, built to absorb vibrations and shocks well during pedaling along uneven terrain;
  • racing handlebars: they have ox horn shape and give the cyclist the opportunity to take various grips and positions in order to improve aerodynamics; they are usually made of aluminum or carbon to lighten the weight of the bike;
  • City bike or trekking handlebars: they are fork-shaped and allow the cyclist to remain seated and in a more upright position than the cyclist on the racing bike

For the right choice of bicycle handlebars it is useful to know that it should be the same width as the cyclist's shoulders so as not to cause possible pain and tingling in the arms.

Sale of bike grips

In the online shop Morgan Cicli you will find a wide selection of bike grips, grips and grips in rubber, silicone, sponge or cork, handlebar tapes and handlebar appendages for bikes.

There is no knob that fits all cyclists as it must be chosen according to the width of the palm of the hand.

There are simple bike grips, made in a cylinder, which slip on the handlebar rod with compressed air or alcohol and are the most used, practical to keep on the handlebars but less practical to disassemble.

There are also knobs with collars at one end or both that allow you to attach the knob to the handlebar with screws.

The assembly is simple and the seal is perfect but they are heavier than the traditional ones.

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