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Sale of bike wheels

When we talk about bike wheels we actually mean various parts that structure it: the hub, the spokes, the rim, the inner tube, the tire or the tubular, the pinion and the quick release.

Morgan Cicli has in its catalog wheels of various diameters, from those suitable for children's bikes to those for 29" racing bikes.

When buying bike wheels pay attention to several features such as:

  • speed understood as the speed of each part of the wheel
  • weight: the lower the weight the more agile and agile the bike is and this is an important factor especially in racing bikes where the force of gravity is taken into account in the climbs
  • Stiffness: an important factor for professional cyclists as the weight of the wheel as it can determine different performances depending on whether the wheel is rigid or not in response to stress.

A more comfortable wheel absorbs vibrations well but can lose some of the energy impressed by the cyclist, while a stiffer model transmits forces as much as possible but can be very uncomfortable for normal road driving.

Sale hubs for bike wheels

The heart of the wheel is represented by the hub that is in the central part and is equipped with sealed bearings and balls that in the most performing versions are made of ceramic, undergo a specific treatment of the surface that makes the stainless and incompressible bearing, more durable.

Wheel hubs are often underestimated or not adequately considered, although they have the fundamental task of rotating the wheel rim.

On the market there are hubs that vary in size and the measure that counts is the stop or the distance between the 2 ends that fit into the internal light between the dropouts.

Of hubs we can find:

  • bolt, where a pin protrudes beyond the dropouts of the frame and on which nuts are fixed that tighten on the dropouts;
  • quick release that have a hollow pin inside which passes the quick release, which fixes the wheel by means of an eccentric lever;
  • with thru-axle equipped with a hollow pin of increased dimensions, which houses a threaded pin that screws on the right dropout of the frame, which is also threaded.

In the hubs made for the rear wheels there is the freewheel body that allows you to mount the sprocket pack where the transmission will slide.

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