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Bicycle helmet, how is it made?
All models of bicycle helmets are intended to protect the cyclist's head from impacts and this objective is certified by European guidelines; So, the differences between expensive cycling helmet models and city bicycle helmet models lie in comfort, aerodynamics, breathability, lightness and materials. Bike helmets are composed of an outer shell in polycarbonate or carbon fiber that must be smooth to avoid friction; the inner shell, in polyurethane or foam, has the function of absorbing energy in case of impact and is joined to the outer shell; The rear fastening is used to secure the helmet to the head and can be adjusted according to the circumference of the skull. Finally, the straps secure the helmet under the chin and prevent the air or a possible impact from scratching it.

The different models of bicycle helmets

Those who practice cycling sports at a competitive level need an aerodynamic bicycle helmet, which has numerous vents for ventilation and has a particular shape. These helmets, made of carbon fiber, polycarbonate or fiberglass can be very expensive (up to 200 euros or more). There are also helmets for MTB, BMX and enduro.
The road cycling helmet has different costs depending on the brand of the manufacturer, the material and comfort. Some brands of cycling helmets are Selev, Kask, Poc and Spiuk with prices ranging from 20 euros to over 100 euros. What should you pay attention to when buying a road cycling helmet? First of all, to the label, which must bear the CE writing and the reference standard, EN1078. The outer and inner shell must be shiny and intact, without signs of cracks, abrasions, swellings, deformations or scratches; A helmet with barrel may be defective or have been used and therefore may not protect the head.
The straps must be durable and not frayed, as well as the back closure. Last but not least, the helmet must be the right size and be comfortable.

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