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Road bike gloves are items made with top quality materials, durable and resistant, because they are able to perform different functions, not just to warm the hands. These products must make the grip on the handlebars and consequently the pedaling more comfortable, warm up during the winter seasons and cool during the summer ones and finally, cushion the shocks. The gloves for cyclists are made of different materials, have special seams (so as not to annoy the cyclist during the race due to rubbing on the skin), and can be winter or summer.

Types of cycling gloves

After highlighting the main characteristics of racing bike gloves, it is appropriate to know what are the models on the market. A first distinction is that between finger gloves, fingerless and knob. Fingerless gloves are usually used in summer because they allow the hands to breathe, but at the same time, they make the grip on the handlebars comfortable. Finger gloves are slightly bulkier and are used during colder periods. These have an outer and an inner layer, both of which can be disassembled and washed separately. The knob gloves are suitable for temperatures below 0 ° C, however they are little used because they give problems during braking.

Materials and care of cycling gloves

On the market there are gloves of different material, structure and colors. They can be in thermal fabric, with gel padding, reflective or microfiber inserts, fleece lined, windproof fabric, silicone padded, nets on the back, with neoprene thermal insulation and many other materials. So much for the winter ones; Summer gloves , on the other hand, are made of lightweight materials, have a silicone padded palm and an elastic cuff to avoid sudden slips off during pedaling.

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