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Sale of graduated bike glasses

When cycling is practiced it is important to see well. For this reason there are special prescription bike glasses for athletes who normally wear prescription glasses. In this way it is possible to avoid exposing your everyday glasses to wind and sweat, often very expensive, and instead use graduated bike glasses designed to withstand different cycling conditions. In the cycling sector you can take advantage of numerous eyewear offers.

Road bike goggles

For those who practice cycling at a competitive level, racing bike goggles are available, aerodynamically designed and able to remain firmly joined to the face. Road bike goggles allow you to protect your eyes from the sun and the material raised by the wheels while driving.

Sunglasses for bikes

On sunny days it is extremely important to protect your eyes from the sun by means of bicycle sunglasses. In particular, when pedaling against the light, the visual ability could be reduced considerably, exposing the cyclist to the risk of an accident. Bike sunglasses allow you to carry out cycling in complete safety, always ensuring the best visual clarity.

Sunglasses for racing bikes

For lovers of cross or other particularly lively cycling disciplines, specific sunglasses for racing bikes have been designed that remain firmly joined to the head even during the most energetic physical stresses. Protection from the sun is therefore always guaranteed by sunglasses for racing bikes, allowing the sportsman to worry only about his bike and the route, during the most demanding competitions. Even against the sun, all the details of the mountain trail will be visible, for greater safety and better performance.

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