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Bicycle shoes can be "touring", road or mtb shoes. They differ from each other in materials, structure, technical and performance characteristics and the purchase cost depends on all these. Before buying cycling shoes it is necessary to know for sure what will be the uses and routes that you intend to do with your bike. This is due to the different technical characteristics that you have wearing a bike shoe. These for tourist purposes must allow both cycling but also making walking routes. These products have an intermediate sole and not too rigid or slippery. Alternatively, you can wear a normal shoe and mount a toe cap on the sole.

Types of cycling shoes

In addition to shoes for tourist purposes, you can find racing bike shoes, mtb winter and summer shoes. Road shoes have a plastic or carbon sole, very rigid and smooth, is not very flexible and has a plastic heel. Under the sole there is a quick release cleat, the upper can be in leather or synthetic material, the sole is removable and is not suitable for walking routes (you can slip).
The racing bike shoes have a carbon or plastic sole, a quick-release cleat (it is released with a slight lateral rotation of the foot), a leather upper, a closure and lacing system and a removable sole.
This last model of bike shoe is less slippery than the racing one as it has cleats that make it more stable, it is still not suitable for walking.

Shoe covers

The shoe cover is another indispensable product as it allows you not to dirty the shoe during pedaling, keep your foot dry and warm. This product can be of various colors and made of various materials so as to refresh during the summer and warm the feet during the winter. It can be made of: nylon, polyester and grip material.

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