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In the warmer months, the quality of sportswear is essential to ensure adequate skin breathability and, at the same time, the absence of excess sweat. The summer cycling body is the ideal garment to carry out cycling activity in a professional and healthy way. The body for the bike must first be aerodynamic and stretch material to adhere effectively to the body. When the outside air temperature is particularly high, the perforated cycling jersey manages to keep the skin dry thanks to the continuous flow of air that passes through the fabric.

Underwear for summer cycling

In addition to the bike bodysuit, the athlete must wear underwear for summer cycling with precise characteristics: the movements must remain free and the fabric must prevent the onset of skin redness that could degenerate into annoying irritations. The underwear for summer cycling must also be made of resistant fabric due to the intense movement made by the body during the bike ride. The internal friction between cycling underwear and the body for racing bikes should be mitigated as much as possible and this objective can be achieved by choosing specific materials.

The windproof sleeveless garment for cycling

When practicing a sport such as cycling it is easy to come across the discomfort caused by the wind. Some parts of the body should always remain protected and the windproof sleeveless for cycling is specially designed to ensure the coverage of the torso, while the arms can remain free. The windproof sleeveless for cycling is made of technical fabric like the cycling body, which prevents the accumulation of sweat under the clothes, favoring its gradual dispersion through perspiration. The colors of the windproof sleeveless for cycling are varied and lively and can be combined with those of the bicycle body or with the perforated jersey.

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