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Buy bike brakes and brake components online such as skates, levers, discs, brake pads, cables, sheaths, handlebar levers and other spare parts.

Choose the most suitable model for your bike because each type of bicycle corresponds to different brakes in terms of structure, performance and operation.

The most common types in the market are:

  • U-shaped brakes due to the shape of the levers of which they are composed;
  • the V-Brake brakes regarding the V shape of the 2 parts that make up the brake;
  • The disc brakes, the latest born, considered more performing and used on mountain bikes and racing bikes of the latest generation.

This type of brakes has become widespread in recent years especially in high-end bicycles but with some changes to the frame they can be mounted instead of classic brakes.

Disc brake maintenance is relatively simple and requires few operations, i.e. it is necessary to periodically replace the pads with the right tools and check the hydraulics.

The life of disc brakes is undoubtedly superior to that of a braking system consisting of pads.

The arrival of disc brakes is not to be considered a trend of the moment but a natural evolution of the braking system applied to the bicycle.

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