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While once there was the headset for bikes with a size of 1-1/8" and only with external caps, now integrated and semi-integrated versions of the 1.5" size have been added.

Composition of the headset

A headset consists of:

  • bearings, one at the upper end of the head tube and one at the bottom;
  • lower track which is inserted under pressure and forcefully at the base of the fork steerer
  • caps, one lower and one upper
  • Expander nut which is inserted inside the fork steerer and has the function of recording the precarious load of the bearings
  • centering ring that has a cone shape and serves to align the fork steerer with the axis of the bearings
  • top bearing cover that closes the bearing hermetically
  • cap and screw that pull up the fork steerer during preload registration

The chassis manufacturer also determines the type of headset that can be external shells (or traditional), integrated without the need for a shell or semi-integrated in which the bearings are housed inside caps that are housed almost completely inside the head tube.

It is advisable to periodically check the headset which consists in trying to identify the possible presence of clearances in the movement.

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