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When we talk about bike transmissions we do not mean only the chain but a set of components designed to work in synergy and transmit the motion to the bicycle.
When all components are made by the same manufacturer, it is called a transmission unit.

Elements that make up the bike transmission

The transmission is in fact composed of:

  • crankset or the set of front chainrings and cranks
  • sprocket pack or the set of rear sprockets that give the cyclist the opportunity to vary the ratio during pedaling; The amount of sprockets determines the speed of the gearbox so if we have e.g. 8 sprockets we have an 8-speed gearbox
  • chain, the element that connects the front crankset with the sprocket pack so as to rotate the rear wheel
  • rear derailleur that has the task of moving the chain from one pinion to another to change speed ratio
  • front derailleur that moves the chain from one crown to another, in case the crankset has more than one crown
  • Shift controls, necessary to move the derailleurs (front and/or rear)

Types of bike transmission

There is also a particular type of transmission that is equipped with a single front crown and a single rear pinion, called fixed gear transmission.

In this version the wheel turns only if the pinion also does so so if the cyclist stops pedaling the wheel locks.

In single-speed transmissions , on the other hand, there is a hub system equipped with a freewheel that allows the wheel to turn even when you are not pedaling.

The most modern versions are electromechanical , i.e. managed by electronic components that move the derailleurs and can select the right ratios at the right time.

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