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If you want to avoid nasty surprises and often use your bike to get to work or to the city, choose a bike lock, anti-theft chain or steel or metal cable to tie your bike.
There are many types of anti-theft systems and bike locks:

  • U-lock anti-theft: often considered as the best among bike locks, characterized by a U-shaped steel arch with a small body that closes with a key. Its construction ensures a high level of reliability, and manufacturers inform about the need to use an acetylene torch or hose to open it;
  • chain: it is the most classic anti-theft device used for bicycles, consisting of several steel rings of different thickness, inserted in a rubber or plastic tube and closed by a padlock with key;
  • square mesh chain: it differs from the traditional chain for the shape of its meshes, has a considerable weight and certainly represents a higher level of security that many times discourages malicious people;
  • Steel cable: it is a spiral metal cable made of steel wires twisted in such a way as to withstand cutting very well. At the ends there are hooks to which the padlock is fixed that must be chosen according to the thickness of the cable;
  • extensible metal cable: suitable for those who need to tie both wheels, it has a fairly robust lock closure and to be effective the advice is to use it in combination with a U-Lock padlock;
  • spiral cable with combination: it resembles the extendable metal cable and has a rubber or plastic coating, it is closed by a combination padlock and represents a suitable solution for those who take short breaks and then leave;
  • python anti-theft system: made from small movable cylinders that are inserted into a rubber casing, it represents a flexible anti-theft system, practical and solid but is bulky and heavy
  • snake: it is made with a structure of steel sheets connected to each other by various joint points, it offers the advantage of having a minimum space of encumbrance;
  • Sound bike anti-theft device: one of the novelties of recent years, equipped with an audible alarm that is activated only by moving the bike and sends a signal to the owner, it can be a good choice in case of quick movements and short breaks

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