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The bike bell or "acoustic signaling device" is a mandatory element for the Highway Code, along with front and rear lights, reflectors on the pedals and retroreflective vest to use city fires.
We can say that the bell was born with the bicycle and still today it is a timeless object!
The bell should be used in situations where it is necessary to signal one's presence, at road intersections, in roads with the passage of both pedestrians and cyclists, in all busy urban areas.
Usually city bikes are already equipped with the bell while it often happens to buy a MTB without the acoustic signal so this must be purchased separately.

How many types of bike bells are there?

There are mechanical or electronic bike bells, those of the first type work thanks to a lever or button that activates a sound mechanism while the electronic ones are composed of a sound card powered by batteries, often mini stylus. There are various shapes and its most varied, they are positioned on the handlebar, usually on the left side and the most advanced models offer accessory functions such as the integrated compass, a fixed or intermittent light, a choice of melodies and the possibility of adjusting the sound intensity.

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