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Sale inner tubes for bikes

From Morgan Cicli you will find a wide assortment of inner tubes for bikes of different sizes according to the radius of the wheel and according to the type of bicycle.

In our catalog we also have self-sealing anti-hole inner tubes for city bikes, latex or butyl inner tubes, repair kits for inner tubes, covers for bikes or wheelchairs, double-sided adhesive tapes for tubulars.

Types of inner tubes for bikes

The air chambers are made of butyl sheets and depending on the amount of sheets used and the final thickness we can divide the chambers into standard, superlight or reinforced.

For most bikes standard cameras are used while for racing bikes superlight bikes are used to optimize weight and have greater performance during a race.

The superlight chambers can be combined with reinforced tires and are inflated at a very high pressure that can reach 8-9 bar, becoming very rigid and non-deformable.

Reinforced air chambers have a higher number of butyl sheets and therefore a higher thickness.

Problems of bike inner tubes

The inner tube of the bike is one of the components that must always be checked before traveling, whether it is a short journey or a longer trip.

Despite technological innovations, air chambers present various problems due to their structure: punctures are among the most common but there are pinching that occur when the circle guillotines the chamber.

Often the tearing of the valves also occurs because when braking, the inner tubes are lead to slipping inside the tire, sliding on the rim and this can lead to shearing of the valve.

In these cases, the inner tube cannot be repaired but must be replaced.

Sale of tires and tires for bikes

Choose the right tire for your bike, paying attention to the type of measurement expressed (European, French or English), the material and the resistance to punctures and friction.

Sometimes, given the wide range of bike tires and tires, it is not easy to decide which tire to buy.

It all depends on the use you make of the bike, the performance you want to achieve, the budget you want to spend and aesthetic factors.

Anti-puncture tires for bikes

The best models are puncture-proof and have specific resistance characteristics to be used even in the most difficult terrain such as bad roads, cobblestones, dirt roads.

Puncture-resistant tires have a thicker tread, a high TPI or a number of wires that cross a square inch of a single layer of the tire casing.

They are also equipped with additional layers of puncture-resistant material especially in the shoulders which are the weakest parts and most subject to punctures.

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