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Discover the range of bike seatposts on Morgan Cicli, the bike spare parts shop with seatpost in chromed steel, anodized aluminum , saddle collars, various reductions for saddle tubes, locks for saddles of various sizes, seatpost screws and clamps for travel or racing saddles.

The seatpost, even if not very visible, is to be considered one of the fundamental components that connects the saddle to the bike frame.

This component keeps the saddle perpendicular during pedaling and ensures the correct posture of the cyclist.

For mountain bikes you can choose cushioned seatposts that cushion shocks and damage to the bike and the cyclist's joints.

Choose carefully the seatpost that best suits your bike, paying attention to the length of the seatpost tube and the diameter.

Today the most widespread is the one with a round section and for MTBs you often find height-adjustable seatpost through a practical lever that is released freehand or is fixed by a threaded nut.

Traditional seatpost models are made of steel but there are also lighter models for racing bikes such as aluminum, alloy or carbon seatposts.

Before mounting the seatpost it is recommended to carefully clean the bike frame and connect the new seatpost using the mounting paste that facilitates the grip between the various contact parts.

Before getting on the saddle it is good to precisely adjust the travel of the seatpost on the frame tube so that the legs are not too stretched at the point where the pedal is at the lowest point.

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