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When choosing bike pedals it is necessary to distinguish road cycling from mountain biking as racing bike pedals are designed to be one with shoes while the preferred mountain bike pedals are those where the foot is free to move.

For those who choose pedals for racing bikes there are mainly 3 types:

  • flat pedals that can be used with any shoe and have a stable surface on which to rest your feet;
  • basket pedals, composed of small frames that attach to the front of the pedal platform
  • Quick release pedals, mainly chosen by professionals as they offer a direct connection between the shoe and the pedal. Through a small plastic or metal cleat, the cyclist can hook the shoe on the pedal platform itself and in this way has a high level of control during fast riding.

For those who own a mountain bike, free pedals are preferable in the event that the technical component prevails over the athletic one while the release pedals are lighter and although the shoe is hooked through the cleat to the pedal the foot still has a certain degree of freedom to move.

In almost all sports dedicated to 2 wheels, release pedals are preferred over free flat pedals.

One of the few in the release pedals is the greater complexity that this standard entails when used with mud or on soft grounds.

In the Morgan Cicli catalog you will also find a wide choice of pairs of bike footrests in different models and colors, accessories designed to keep your feet on the pedals avoiding slipping involuntarily.

Footpegs are to be purchased in case you intend to keep your feet firmly on the pedals, in the case of long rides or demanding training sessions.

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