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On Morgan Cicli you will find a wide selection of classic bike saddles, cruiser saddles, racing bike saddles, MTB saddles, children's bike saddles, city bike saddles at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

When choosing the right product, several characteristics must be considered:

  • shape: depending on the type of bicycle you need to choose a wide saddle for greater comfort or narrow and tapered in order to have more freedom of movement of the legs
  • Ergonomics: size and shape influence the distribution of loads at the level of the pelvis
  • Cushioning: the structure of the saddle, the frame that wraps it and the materials with which it is manufactured change the ability to respond to stress during pedaling
  • Aesthetics: the design, graphics and colors characterize the detail of the saddle in particular but also of the bicycle in general

You can combine the saddle with other accessories such as grips, handlebars or basket depending on the type of bike.

Over time, the saddles, like any component of the bicycle, are subject to wear or their ability to support the weight of the body decreases with the use for which the advice is to replace the saddle if you notice that the material of which it is padded is not very consistent.

The saddle is a fundamental component and what could be good for one person may not be good for another as everyone has their own needs.
This means that there is no saddle that is " universal" compatible with every cyclist.

How to choose the bike saddle

To determine which is the right saddle it is necessary to make a measurement of the distance between the ischial bones or 2 bones located in the lower part of the pelvis that support the weight of the body while you are on the bike.

The male ischial bones are generally closer together than the female ones, so usually the saddles for women's bikes are wider than the version for men's bikes.

An error in assessing the distance between these human bones can lead to incorrect pressure in the most delicate areas and over time pain in the pelvis and back.

Another factor to consider when buying bike saddles is flexibility and this parameter can be measured by doing forward push-ups and trying to touch your toes.

If you can't touch them, it is advisable to look for a saddle that has a cavity, but if you can touch them, you can buy a saddle with or without cavities.

If you are a cyclist who usually moves with the upper part of the body, a slightly curved or round saddle is recommended while for those who are quite static with back and shoulders a flat saddle may be fine.

Hard or soft saddle?

Some cyclists prefer to have a full-carbon saddle that is rigid, others prefer to have a saddle with a little padding or softer.

If you stay a long time on the saddle, it is preferable to choose a hard saddle in fact most racing bike saddles are hard.

The soft saddles cause the ischial bones to sink into the saddle and this can cause, in the long run, an unpleasant pressure on the soft tissues.

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